4GL-1-Z239type integrated rod type sugarcane combine
Straw Hydraulic Packer 2019-02-14 14:45 


  This equipment is mainly used for packaging corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, sorghum stalk, alfalfa straw and other straw materials after crushing. It is suitable for raising cattle and sheep as yellow silage and silage fermentation feed. It is very convenient to open bags when raising. The packaged yellow fodder has high compactness, convenient storage and transportation, and longer storage time. Silage can also be packaged before the machine can add bio-fermentation bacteria, stir in crushed straw evenly, packed with sealed plastic bags, natural fermentation, after a period of fermentation, open bags can be used as a good feed for livestock. The packaged feed is convenient to transport and saves cost. This machine completes the whole straw packing work by electric control, hydraulic system and cylinder cooperation.

上一產品4GL-1-Z92type integrated rod type sugarcane combine
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